Sunday, April 6, 2014

hi from Phillipines

Finally, i made it to the philippines after 3 days of traveling and stopping over at taipei and Japan. The bucket showers and flushing brought back memories! Love the refreshing bucket showers after being sweaty and smelly for the whole day! Yesterday we checked out one of the typhoon hit areas and were blown away by how the people rebuilt their houses with the scraps that they can find after the typhoon. Some families lived in the 5 big ships that were broughtIonto the shore by the typhoon. The people are generally joyful and they love foreigners. A girl was swimming in the sea happily with her friends and said,'hi..this is my swimming pool' my heart just melted. They were swimming near the makeshift toilet. Ill post up pictures soon! We had been going to the village everyday and the kids there had become our family! and tomorrow is our last day at the village, will miss them so much!! ! update soon

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