Sunday, April 6, 2014

hi from Phillipines

Finally, i made it to the philippines after 3 days of traveling and stopping over at taipei and Japan. The bucket showers and flushing brought back memories! Love the refreshing bucket showers after being sweaty and smelly for the whole day! Yesterday we checked out one of the typhoon hit areas and were blown away by how the people rebuilt their houses with the scraps that they can find after the typhoon. Some families lived in the 5 big ships that were broughtIonto the shore by the typhoon. The people are generally joyful and they love foreigners. A girl was swimming in the sea happily with her friends and said,'hi..this is my swimming pool' my heart just melted. They were swimming near the makeshift toilet. Ill post up pictures soon! We had been going to the village everyday and the kids there had become our family! and tomorrow is our last day at the village, will miss them so much!! ! update soon

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

counting down

Hi guys! Less than 3 days now before we board a flight to the Philippines! I will try to update whenever I can because we may not have regular access to the internet!:) So now, we are busy preparing for the outreach, packing, preparing testimony, gospel message and at least a sermon. Also, practising dance and skits. Apparently we will have to run programmes for churches there or in an open air setting, depending on where we go. We will have a stop over at Taipei International Airport for 19 hours! So that would be kind of interesting! Thank you for those who have donated for the Philippines!! I'm really grateful and excited to partner with you all to bless the philippinos! And, it would be very much appreciated if you can keep us in your prayers for safe journey, health and unity, fruitful and impacting times with the people that we meet, endurance, and basically whatever you can think of:) Til next post!!! Take care guys!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sexual revolution

Well, just something that I did not know about until the week when we learnt about 'Kingdom Sexuality'. When we look around now, we see sexual messages/innuendo everywhere, be it subtle or obvious; advertisement, billboards, movies, novels, reality shows etc. The famous saying is sex sells and it's true. However before 1948, most women kept their virginity until marriage. Sex outside marriage and sexual messages/innuendo were not as prevalent. You get what I mean, dress modestly..etc. Then, sexual revolutions occurred and over the years, it contributed to the problems we have today such as pornography, divorce, abortion, adultery, homosexuality. ( Just to name a few) Year 1948 - The Kinsey Reports came out. Alfred Kinsey was a biologist and then decided to study about sexual behaviours in males and females. I did some research and his findings disgust me. I literally felt sick after reading some of his work. He reported some of his observations of orgasms in over three-hundred children between the ages of five months and fourteen years. What the..5 months?? That's so wrong! And later it was known that he collected his results from a peadophile but stated that it's from various sources. He had open relationships with his wife, he slept with man..etc.. And of course, after his controversial reports, he became famous in that era. You guys can read more about him online but be warned, it's sick! Things started to go downhill from then on, the reports are the starting point for the sexual revolution where people are free to express their sexual self freely. Year 1950- The playboy magazine started, inspired by the Kinsey reports. Year 1960- The pill was introduced. Year 1970-planned parenthood was introduced (abortion crisis). Year 1980 to 1990- first case of AIDS, and people are starting to come out of the closet. I was just blown away, so much has changed over a short time since the reports were released and we are giving them more credit than they deserve. In those days, the reports were controversial and they were fascinating. Moreover, it was written by a professor (people forget that Mr. Kinsey was an expert in zoology and not human to begin with) so the reports must be credible. It is super important to create an awareness for the current generation that all the things that happened now are not normal and it was not 'that's just how it is'. There was a cause and a trigger point.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

God sees me and you

Being here is like a undergoing a heart surgery! It felt like God took my heart out, tweaked it and put it back in. I know that He is doing something and I felt it. Something in me has changed and I can't exactly pin point what. And His Words became more and more alive with the help of His Spirit! There was a freedom prayer session last week and basically a Christian counsellor guides us in a spiritual counselling session, asking Jesus to reveal the areas that needed to be dealt with. So, three words were highlighted in my mind which is inadequacy, intimidation and fear. I was feeling a bit silly because I thought I have dealt with them already. But I guess due to unfamiliarity and changes, they resurfaced but on a different level. That night I realised how I was accepting those feelings and had not actually sat down and reflect upon them. At the time I felt like everyone has their own cliques and I'm on my own. Felt a bit alone because of that. And, everyone else are better than me, more fun than me. I have nothing to contribute etc. I tried to show care and love but they were no response. I was affected but I justified them until I pushed them aside ie come on Sharon, you are older and you should know better..all these are such 'high school' problems..kinda silly! During that prayer session, I was guided into tracing the roots of the problems and then renounced the lies. After that, love overwhelmed my heart, felt peace and a renewed strength of loving people again unconditionally. For the whole week I felt different. It is like I'm freed from those feelings, and I could not care less about what other people think about me, in a good way. It is a freedom that I can't explain. God had reminded me again what it means to love unconditionally and without any expectation of people, I'm free to love. And His love enables me to do that, not by my own determination or own motivation. During worship last night, one of my friends came up to me and said that she felt like she just wanted to apologise for not being concern about me. She thought that I'm older and I got it all together. I have put other people's needs before myself and she is grateful for the support and encouragement. Basically, she just wants to ask me how I am. Well, after the left, I lost it, getting all teary. LOL! I don't think she knew what I was struggling with. I was just in awe that God actually sees me, I know it in my head but it sunk deep into my heart at that time, bringing me to a deeper understanding and revelation of His nature. The whole time I was just in awe!I can't believe it, He sees me (thought I knew it in my head). This whole week we are learning about the Holy Spirit and we have a cool speaker called Maria! She will stop in the middle of a lecture if God highlighted a person for her to pray for. This morning, she called my name and I was actually surprised/shocked and she asked if she can pray for me! Yes of course! haha! So she prayed for me in front of my class and gave me words! After receiving it, I told God, seriously? That doesn't sound like me at all, it is actually out of my character! But I felt a bit nervous because whatever she said is way out of my comfort zone. It involves teaching and preaching His Word (a gist of the prophecy) with such boldness that will surprise myself. I hate public speaking and I have always felt like Moses. Then again, I know that if it's something He wants me to do, and if I'm willing, He will show Himself strong in my weakness! Then, I will be deeply humbled because I know it's beyond myself and in my mind, it's impossible but hey, it is Him doing it through me, so it's not about me anyway! The point is, He sees me and He cares! I'm just overwhelmed by how real He is! And He sees you and cares about you too! I cant really fully explained what happened well because some things or feelings are beyond words. For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I would count them, they are more than the sand. I awake, and I am still with you. (Psalm 139:13-18)

Sunday, March 2, 2014


A schedule of what I do everyday roughly! Work Duties : Everyone is assigned to an area (yard, dorm-cleaning, kitchen, vehicle) to help out with the cleaning! I have the honour of working with Christina on making the beds, cleaning the house, laundry, dishes, toilets, of the Hospitality House. They are normally for guests/speakers, kinda like a guesthouse! And I love it! Team time : Team Philippines will get together and prepare for our outreach in April ie learning dances, culture, background, planning on what we can do during our outreach from April to June! Breakout groups : Like a small workshop (ie evangelism and bible study) Intercession : Pray for different countries and also the missionaries! Launch : Like a church service opened for the public!
Dining room of the hospitality house!!
Lounge area of the hospitality house!
Katrina working hard in the rain at the front yard of our house called Shekinah
This is our classroom for our lectures!

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Please pray for my friends who are sick at the moment!Kristin and Chris threw up all night last night and still unwell! Raelyn is struggling with flu and Grace almost had an asthma attack tonight because of flu! Pray for healing and protection of those who are not sick at the moment! Thanks guys!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Last week..

Honestly some days, I want to go home, be it Malaysia or Australia because of familiarity! It's already been almost 6 weeks here and it felt like I've been here for ages! Yet, some days I felt like the time just fly! Last week was madness, 32 people from last quarter (September intake) returned from Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, which means that our house was full, longer queue for food and bathroom, more mess, more people, more noise, more stimulation, and less personal space! Therefore, I felt more tired than ever! Don't get me wrong, they are a great bunch of people, got to know some of them and they shared amazing stories about their mission trips! I enjoyed hanging out with them. It's just the adjustment all over again and I'm an introvert! Haha! Sometimes I felt out of place because the differences in age, culture and stages of life! However, I know deep down in my heart that I'm meant to be here for this season and if I turned back time, I would still choose to do this. For the past few weeks, I've learnt so much yet hard to explain. I know that God is leading me to a greater understanding of His love and His characters. Growing up in a Christian family, I know that God is love and He loves me. But do I really know it? Do I actually know who God is? Do I really trust Him? Do I really want to know Him? I'm so grateful that during this set-aside season, I have to intentionally read the Bible more, pray more and learn more! The more I dig into the Bible, the more treasure I found, the more I love reading it. It has become a desire to read His word rather than a chore. When God gave me an understanding about what I read, it made me feel alive! yes, it is hard being a Christian but it is definitely not boring and stagnant if I let God does His work in me through the ups and downs! Another thing I learnt is to be intentional in applying what I have learnt, stepping out of my comfort zone, just do it and don't give up. It is never easy but the Holy spirit in us enables us to do it and to love people. i know human nature is selfishness and thus I can't love other people genuinely without help from God. There's a lot of head knowledge but my challenge now is to trust that He's got my back and do it, one thing at a time! I may get it wrong but He's not there to condemn and judge me, all I have to do is to be open to learn from it and get back up again. Life's about growing into the characters of Christ! The above were just one of the few things I have learnt and still learning. Although my time here can be challenging at times, I know that God is changing my heart and perspectives on life and that's worth it all. (("One Thing Remains" (Jesus Culture) Higher than the mountains that I face Stronger than the power of the grave Constant through the trial and the change One thing… Remains Your love never fails, never gives up Never runs out on me On and on and on and on it goes It overwhelms and satisfies my soul And I never, ever, have to be afraid One thing remains In death, In life, I’m confident and covered by the power of Your great love My debt is paid, there’s nothing that can separate my heart from Your great love...))