Wednesday, March 26, 2014

counting down

Hi guys! Less than 3 days now before we board a flight to the Philippines! I will try to update whenever I can because we may not have regular access to the internet!:) So now, we are busy preparing for the outreach, packing, preparing testimony, gospel message and at least a sermon. Also, practising dance and skits. Apparently we will have to run programmes for churches there or in an open air setting, depending on where we go. We will have a stop over at Taipei International Airport for 19 hours! So that would be kind of interesting! Thank you for those who have donated for the Philippines!! I'm really grateful and excited to partner with you all to bless the philippinos! And, it would be very much appreciated if you can keep us in your prayers for safe journey, health and unity, fruitful and impacting times with the people that we meet, endurance, and basically whatever you can think of:) Til next post!!! Take care guys!

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