Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Last week..

Honestly some days, I want to go home, be it Malaysia or Australia because of familiarity! It's already been almost 6 weeks here and it felt like I've been here for ages! Yet, some days I felt like the time just fly! Last week was madness, 32 people from last quarter (September intake) returned from Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, which means that our house was full, longer queue for food and bathroom, more mess, more people, more noise, more stimulation, and less personal space! Therefore, I felt more tired than ever! Don't get me wrong, they are a great bunch of people, got to know some of them and they shared amazing stories about their mission trips! I enjoyed hanging out with them. It's just the adjustment all over again and I'm an introvert! Haha! Sometimes I felt out of place because the differences in age, culture and stages of life! However, I know deep down in my heart that I'm meant to be here for this season and if I turned back time, I would still choose to do this. For the past few weeks, I've learnt so much yet hard to explain. I know that God is leading me to a greater understanding of His love and His characters. Growing up in a Christian family, I know that God is love and He loves me. But do I really know it? Do I actually know who God is? Do I really trust Him? Do I really want to know Him? I'm so grateful that during this set-aside season, I have to intentionally read the Bible more, pray more and learn more! The more I dig into the Bible, the more treasure I found, the more I love reading it. It has become a desire to read His word rather than a chore. When God gave me an understanding about what I read, it made me feel alive! yes, it is hard being a Christian but it is definitely not boring and stagnant if I let God does His work in me through the ups and downs! Another thing I learnt is to be intentional in applying what I have learnt, stepping out of my comfort zone, just do it and don't give up. It is never easy but the Holy spirit in us enables us to do it and to love people. i know human nature is selfishness and thus I can't love other people genuinely without help from God. There's a lot of head knowledge but my challenge now is to trust that He's got my back and do it, one thing at a time! I may get it wrong but He's not there to condemn and judge me, all I have to do is to be open to learn from it and get back up again. Life's about growing into the characters of Christ! The above were just one of the few things I have learnt and still learning. Although my time here can be challenging at times, I know that God is changing my heart and perspectives on life and that's worth it all. (("One Thing Remains" (Jesus Culture) Higher than the mountains that I face Stronger than the power of the grave Constant through the trial and the change One thing… Remains Your love never fails, never gives up Never runs out on me On and on and on and on it goes It overwhelms and satisfies my soul And I never, ever, have to be afraid One thing remains In death, In life, I’m confident and covered by the power of Your great love My debt is paid, there’s nothing that can separate my heart from Your great love...))


  1. I dont think you are introvert!
    Haha..... I am encouraged by your post.

    Take care...

    1. I am introvert but can be extrovert sometimes! haha! Thanks wei!! do you still have a blog??