Sunday, March 2, 2014


A schedule of what I do everyday roughly! Work Duties : Everyone is assigned to an area (yard, dorm-cleaning, kitchen, vehicle) to help out with the cleaning! I have the honour of working with Christina on making the beds, cleaning the house, laundry, dishes, toilets, of the Hospitality House. They are normally for guests/speakers, kinda like a guesthouse! And I love it! Team time : Team Philippines will get together and prepare for our outreach in April ie learning dances, culture, background, planning on what we can do during our outreach from April to June! Breakout groups : Like a small workshop (ie evangelism and bible study) Intercession : Pray for different countries and also the missionaries! Launch : Like a church service opened for the public!
Dining room of the hospitality house!!
Lounge area of the hospitality house!
Katrina working hard in the rain at the front yard of our house called Shekinah
This is our classroom for our lectures!

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