Friday, March 21, 2014

Sexual revolution

Well, just something that I did not know about until the week when we learnt about 'Kingdom Sexuality'. When we look around now, we see sexual messages/innuendo everywhere, be it subtle or obvious; advertisement, billboards, movies, novels, reality shows etc. The famous saying is sex sells and it's true. However before 1948, most women kept their virginity until marriage. Sex outside marriage and sexual messages/innuendo were not as prevalent. You get what I mean, dress modestly..etc. Then, sexual revolutions occurred and over the years, it contributed to the problems we have today such as pornography, divorce, abortion, adultery, homosexuality. ( Just to name a few) Year 1948 - The Kinsey Reports came out. Alfred Kinsey was a biologist and then decided to study about sexual behaviours in males and females. I did some research and his findings disgust me. I literally felt sick after reading some of his work. He reported some of his observations of orgasms in over three-hundred children between the ages of five months and fourteen years. What the..5 months?? That's so wrong! And later it was known that he collected his results from a peadophile but stated that it's from various sources. He had open relationships with his wife, he slept with man..etc.. And of course, after his controversial reports, he became famous in that era. You guys can read more about him online but be warned, it's sick! Things started to go downhill from then on, the reports are the starting point for the sexual revolution where people are free to express their sexual self freely. Year 1950- The playboy magazine started, inspired by the Kinsey reports. Year 1960- The pill was introduced. Year 1970-planned parenthood was introduced (abortion crisis). Year 1980 to 1990- first case of AIDS, and people are starting to come out of the closet. I was just blown away, so much has changed over a short time since the reports were released and we are giving them more credit than they deserve. In those days, the reports were controversial and they were fascinating. Moreover, it was written by a professor (people forget that Mr. Kinsey was an expert in zoology and not human to begin with) so the reports must be credible. It is super important to create an awareness for the current generation that all the things that happened now are not normal and it was not 'that's just how it is'. There was a cause and a trigger point.

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