Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Feeling it now..

Second day of classes and I'm feeling it now! It has been exciting and draining at the same time, I guess from learning so much and also adjusting to the routine here! The good thing about here is I don't have to cook! Yay!!And they cook healthy food here! But being a big eater, I have a secret stash hidden somewhere in my room! Oh yeah, some nights, I can hear rats scurrying in the ceiling and my room mate is so scared that it's going to come out between the cracks of the ceiling and drop onto her since she sleeps on the top bunk bed! Personally, I think the rat will be too fat for the tiny cracks! Yesterday had been fun, waking up at 7 am for breakfast and then did our devotions/journalling between 7.30 am to 8.30 am. Then we had lectures on 'how to hear from God' and it's really interesting and mind-renewing! In the afternoon we have work duties from 1.30 pm to 4.30pm. We were all divided into groups to help out in areas of gardening, vehicle maintenance, kitchen-cooking, painting and etc. I'll be helping out at the hospitality department which means I'll get the rooms ready for the guests speakers and clean after they leave. It's a nice unit with 4 rooms and with kitchen, a lounge room, and 3 toilets/bathrooms. If you ever watched the movie 'Maid in Manhattan' I'm sort of like Jennifer Lopez! I'll be doing the laundry, clean the toilet, refill coffee/tea, making the bed, cleaning the house after the guests left or when there are guests coming! I really enjoyed it as I'll be doing it mostly alone or with the help of another staff, it will be 'my' time since I'm with people all the time! I discovered the prayer room! Inside, we can read or play guitar and there's a piano in there too! Wohoo! People sometimes hang out here if they want their 'alone' time! I'm now here with Katrina from Canada jamming (she's playing the guitar) and me on the piano. Will update with pictures soon!

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