Friday, January 10, 2014


Today we had a proper run down about our course and I feel like I'm going back to school again! But it is pretty exciting at the same time because we are not just studying any book but the book of life and getting to know the giver of life! In general, we have breakfast at 7am from Monday to Friday except for the weekends which is 8 am. Then, we have devotion time from 7.30 am to 8.30 am when we read the given passages and journal what we get out of it. Twice a week we are involved in community outreach/evangelism ( homeless ministry, tutoring ministry, soup kitchen, university ministry). We also have lectures everyday, and work duty once a week which involves cleaning, helping to maintain the yard and vehicle, cooking breakfast etc. There are also team time and small groups. So, it's pretty intense but we get Saturday and Sunday free! On Sunday we will have to attend local church in the morning. Looking forward to start all these next week! Tonight, everyone has to go up onto the stage and share their testimony! So many people come for different reasons but mainly to grow in their relationship with the big boss aka Father up there! One of the girls inspire me with her courage and faith. Her father has tumour and is undergoing treatment, but she knows that she has to come here. She felt at peace when she prayed about it. She decided to come anyway even though her dad could die anytime and of course she's worried about him. We gathered around her and prayed for her. It's amazing to see such courage in her and we would not have known because she's such a cheerful and bubbly girl! Anyway, I trust that next week is going to be a great week just downloading what God has in store for us and also applying what we have learnt!


  1. Glad you have this blog...lets keep in touch!!

    Would love to hear more about whats happening over at your side.

    1. Thanks wei!!! Yeh, I know I'll get busier but I'll try to update!;) see you in July!!! YAY!