Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First day at Honolulu

I'm still alive!! Flight was good and I pretty much slept the whole way and now I'm still tired..jet lag! Weather is cool around 28 degrees and the whole environment reminds me of Malaysia but less sweaty and less hot which is nice! I'll post pictures soon! Apparently there are 18 students and I'm the only Asian one, I know I'm special! I have met 2 Norwegian students already and learnt that mart means food and vulkan means volcanoes! We went to Wal-mart (aka Kmart/BigW) and I bought my pillows and beddings! We got on the wrong bus and spent 1 hour on the scenic route! Took 2 hours to get back to the base! Guess what guys, highlight of the day: Each of us carried pillows waiting for the bus and a lady overheard us talking and told me, you don't look like it but you sound Australian (Score!!!), wow, she picked that up even though it's tainted with Asian accent! I'm pretty impressed with her and my half-baked Australian English! And there are so many Asians here especially Japanese, some guy at the airport tried to speak Japanese to me! I just shrugged and he apologised for thinking I'm Japanese. Haha! Looking forward to meet the rest of the students tomorrow!! And by the way, I'm the oldest in this intake! -.-!

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