Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lady in wheelchair

Today’s weather had been windy, raining and cold! Yes it is unimaginable in Hawaii! While we were having lunch on the outdoor bench, a small tree branch fell onto my friend’s plate! It had been a rather intense week with constant learning. My mind is saturated with what I’ve learnt which is yet to be processed!Frankly, I tried to write about it but did not know where to start. It's hard expressing experiences in words! Maybe just for me! haha! Last week, one of our community outreach involved going to University of Hawaii and we have to talk to at least one random person and discuss about God. And it is one of my biggest fear! Haha! Lucky that I had an easy one, I saw a lady on a wheelchair who was trying to put her books into the bag and she was struggling due to her deformed joints (rheumatoid arthritis). It is pretty impressive that she is doing Master of fine arts and photography! Basically she said that her lecturer and classmates helped her a lot with everything. I asked if she is religious. She said yes she is a Christian and told me that without God she wouldn’t be here doing what she is doing. I’m just so encouraged and inspired after talking to her; the courage that she had in pursuing her dream, her trust and surrender in God, her gratitude despite being physically handicapped and the hope that she has!

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